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Forty five minutes with Lisanne had more impact for me than five sessions with a psychologist!
With her unique knowledge, Lisanne has been invaluable to me in a difficult time and has given me the tools I need to find peace and contentment. I have gotten to know myself more in her sessions and have learned to listen to my body in a new way. I have begun to understand why I reacted the way I did to some things.

On difficult days I was given applicable advice that helped me get through the everyday life.

Lisanne has a calmness and comprehension that I value highly!
I have now had the privilege of experiencing 2 sessions with Lisanne as my neuro-coach and guide through the problems that I came to her with. Both problems were serious traumatic memories from childhood and her soulful and spiritual guidance as well as her integration of neuroscience and mindfulness helped my intuition feel safe enough to bring up some deep and ugly memories from the past. The benefits of Lisanne’s coaching were two-fold:

I was able to leave the past in the past and move into my future with a renewed power, as a consequence of her healing intuitiveness and guidance.

I was able to move on in areas of my personal life and business acumen because I had been fully healed from those instances that were dragging me back and hijacking my life.
I will be forever grateful for Lisanne’s careful neuro-coaching and support throughout these sessions so that I could heal, grow and be empowered for my own journey of life. I recommend her to anyone who needs healing and empowerment. She is truly a go-to person for me now, when I am stuck and in need of someone for guidance, education and truly non-judgmental coaching.
Grace R.