People always develop special ideas and rules for living together. We call these rules culture, and they can be implicit, oral or written. Examples are the way the Norwegians celebrate their National day – 17th of May – or the movies Sheldon and his friends from Big Bang Theory watch.

Being exposed to childhood abuse or being left behind after a loved one’s suicide will give you insights that are common for those who had similar experiences – you get insights in a special type of culture.

Culture makes you behave in a certain way – for better or worse. Becoming aware of the influence of the society around you might give you another perspective for possible solutions.

Spirituality is an important part of people’s culture. Like most things, it can be used to empower or to manipulate and destroy. At Lowise you are welcome to reflect on the impact spiritual experiences made on your life. My own life journey led me from atheism through New Age to following Jesus. Becoming a Christian has added a wealth of inner peace, awe and joy to my life. It gives me additional tools to work with – for those who feel comfortable with including blessings and prayer in their conversations. 

You are in no way obliged to talk about your faith or include spirituality in your sessions. It’s completely free and optional.