Welcome! My name is Lisanne Prinz. I am a therapist and coach.
A therapist is basically a driving instructor for brain and behaviour. When you learned to drive a car, you found somebody who knew how to do it and who supported you while you were learning to do it yourself. I can accompany you on your journey towards being in charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
Your brain is amazing. It learns from experience and tries to keep you safe. Since the brain uses a lot of the body’s energy, it needs to automate as much as possible. That’s where we often run into problems:
• When the balance between rest and focus is broken
• When your brain is allowed to run wild, for example with worry and fear
• When your brain reacts to a situation in a way that was appropriate (and maybe lifesaving) when you were five, but no longer is.
To change any of these things you will need to tune into your thoughts, emotions and body sensations and share some of them with a safe person. Healing is much faster in company. We humans are social beings, and what was broken in relationships has to be healed in relationship, too. Still, some problems cannot be fixed, but their impact can be reduced.
I am an integrative therapist, using a wide array of methods and approaches, for example from cognitive, narrative and trauma therapy. I like to use creative methods, and I am very interested in evidence-based and research-based brain friendly tools and exercises. However, the expert in your life is YOU. I would be honoured to accompany you on a part of your life journey.