A life road is bumpy. We all need nurture: we need to be cared for, we need support, protection and encouragement. We need training to master our tasks and we need education to do so better.

Ideally we learn nurturing ourselves and others from being nurtured as a child. But due to life circumstances we might not know how to nurture, we have forgotten to do it or even how to do it – or we are just plainly overwhelmed with all the things happening in our lives. Lowise conversations will help you to find back to your resources. They will encourage and teach you to nurture and care for yourself.

One of the most effective approaches for helping others is NeuroCoaching. “Neuro” means “related to the brain and nervous system”. So, in NeuroCoaching, we use proven brain friendly tools that support you in making your life better. A NeuroCoaching session is different: normally it contains a lot of yawning! It will contribute to

  • Balancing your brain for optimal functioning 
  • Communicating compassionate, value based and effective 
  • Having intuitive insights directly from your inner wisdom

NeuroCoaching might take you in surprising directions. It has very good long term results, as you discover what you need and how to create it.