Who is Lowise?

Lowise is the name of a company founded by Lisanne Prinz. It offers conversations for reflection and self-development. Lowise is a nordic female name (spelled Lovise in Norwegian, Lowise in German).

LoWisE is also an acronym for the company’s values: LOve, WISdom and Enjoyment.

Who is Lisanne?

Lisanne is the owner of Lowise and the one you will talk to. She’s a German living in southern Norway. Lisanne has been married to the same great guy for many years. Together they have produced three interesting and lovable humans and a few (but remarkable) family shows, newspapers and photo books.

Lisanne has a master in mathematics, a professional education as housekeeper, a teacher certification for Norway, and has been working as a math teacher for refugees. For the last 30 years she’s also been – together with her husband – on a constant journey of self-development and life-improvement. This culminated in studying psychotherapy and neurocoaching. Lisanne has graduated from the International Psychotherapy School in Christian Culture and is currently in the process of being certified as a NeuroCoach by Mark R. Waldman.

And who is Auntie?

Lisanne is also working as a professional for Auntie, a Finnish company specialized in mental well-being services for companies.

What can I talk about?

Mostly, people come to Lowise because they have some area in their life that they want to reflect on, that they are confused or stressed about. This can be connected to

  • Changes in relationships, life or work situations – all changes can be challenging, even the happy ones
  • Continuing stress, being on a way to burnout
  • An uneasiness – life is good, BUT … something’s not quite right
  • Difficult events from your past or present
  • Struggles with faith and spirituality

Basically, you can talk about whatever comes to your mind. That is meant literally in NeuroCoaching, where you relax and follow your intuition. Sometimes talking about topics far away from your goal or problem will provide the space necessary for building the therapeutic alliance, for calming emotions and for giving your brain a break to relax and recharge.

What results can I expect?

Lowise aims at enriching your life with love, wisdom and enjoyment. The conversations will help you sort your thoughts and feelings – you will understand yourself better. You will become more knowledgeable about yourself, your reactions, about what happens in your brain, and about the impact from distressing life events.
You will learn skills that will make you more satisfied with your life, reduce stress and give you better resilience for new challenges. Stress reduction and better coping skills tend also to lead to better productivity.

Is Lowise the right place for me and my questions?

Every person is different and we all like different people and approaches. You cannot know if Lowise is the right place for you without trying. Lowise offers an integrative approach – using tools from different therapy and coaching methods, chosen according to your needs and preferences. Lowise has a focus on positive psychology, offers practical skills that make your brain happy (and thus your life better) and a hope that things can get better.

Things to think about when you look for a therapist or coach:

  • First impressions and your gut feeling are important. If everything in you screams “No”, try something else. That said, you might consider that building a relationship takes time. It’s useful to try out 3 sessions to get to know the therapist and the way of working, and to get used to talking about your thoughts and feelings.
  • It is important that you feel safe and respected, and that the therapy is about what you want to explore. Therapy works when you start to dare to be yourself and honest about your issues. 
  • Competence and experience are important. Depending on your personality you might want to talk to a specialist who is excellent in one therapy method, or to an integrative therapist, who has many different tools from several therapy approaches available. Check out if you and your therapist can find a common language, a good way to understand each other.
  • Therapy should be tailored to your specific needs and situation. It is normal to feel uncomfortable in therapy at times, as it is a place to explore hurting life experience as well as resources and strengths. It is important that you can (or learn to) express how the therapy makes you feel. Resistance or avoidance might be signs that it is too early to deal with a topic, that some skills are missing or that other things have to be explored and healed first. Good treatment planning is always an ongoing process in cooperation between client and therapist.
Therapy or Coaching?

As an Auntie-Professional, Lisanne is used to tailor the conversations to your needs. It does not matter what it is called, as long as it helps you to reach your goals and get closer to the life you desire.

What methods do you use?

Lisanne is an integrative therapist, which means that she has a toolbox with methods from many different sources (CBT, Narrative, Creative, Solution Focused, Sensorimotor Therapy,  DBT, Løft). Her experience as a coach builds on an array of self-development tools from sources like Hedy Schleifer, Alfred Stielau-Pallas, Jon & Missy Butcher, John Assaraf, Marriage Encounter, Vågestykket, Stephen R. Covey and too many books and seminars to count.

Do I have to be a Christian to get help? Do I have to talk about religion?

You are welcome at Lowise regardless of your  faith or religion. 

You do not have to talk about these topics either.
Lisanne has an education as a therapist in Christian Culture. This means that she is

  • Open to include faith questions in the conversations
  • Aware of influence of spiritual beliefs unto the self and relationships – both for good and worse
  • Mainly educated and experienced in Christianity. If you wish to explore other religions, Lisanne might need to learn about it along the way.
  • Strengthening faith that supports and empowers you
  • Offering Blessings for those who would like to be blessed

What are Lowise’s packages and prices?

An individual session of 60 minutes costs 800 NOK = 80 Euro (95 USD).
If you have a valid reason, like living on pension, being out of work, studying, staying home with kids,… the reduced price is 600 NOK = 60 Euro per hour.
A couple’s session of 60 minutes costs 1000 NOK = 100 Euro (120 USD).

It is possible to arrange 90 minute-sessions.

Introduction offer: The first session (30 minutes) is free. 

Package price: 5 individual sessions = 3600 NOK, 10 couple’s sessions = 8000 NOK.

The sessions are not supported by the Norwegian health system.

How do I make an appointment?

Send an sms to +47 99 41 72 27 mentioning what time Lisanne can call you back

Send an email to welcome@lowise.net

Where do I meet Lisanne?

You can talk to Lisanne “live” in Grimstad in her office in Smith-Petersensgate 5, 4876 Grimstad.
The entrance is around the corner, opposite to the gas station.

You can talk to Lisanne while going for a walk. The meeting place will be individually decided.

You can talk to Lisanne online in her whereby-room. When you have an appointment, you click on this link:
and wait until Lisanne lets you in.


As all therapists and coaches, Lisanne has promised to keep any information from the sessions to herself. For Norwegian clients, this is with the exception of danger to life, where she is obliged by the law to inform a health provider or the police.
Lisanne stores your name and contact details to be able to inform you in case of sudden changes with your appointment.

Lisanne has ongoing supervision to ensure a high quality service. In the supervision, anonymized information about some moments of a session might be shared to explore better ways to support the client.

Where do these nice pictures come from?

The pictures are excerpts from my fathers paintings. See more at http://prinzbilder.de/
The photographs are made by friends and family.